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Hello! We are Katie and Leticia, and this is Making Montessori.

We want to take a minute to introduce ourselves and welcome you to the Making Montessori community.


Hi, I’m Katie and welcome to Making Montessori! We are thrilled that you are joining us on this journey of navigating child lead learning through the Montessori method.

As a child I was often found leading a band of younger girls from my neighborhood around dressing up, riding bikes, or playing house. Likewise, my father was an elementary teacher and taught/played guitar professionally on the side. So it really is not surprising that I found myself teaching young children. It’s an integral part of who I am. I have taught preschool for over a decade, spending the bulk of that time teaching in a Montessori environment. I am currently working on finishing my Montessori credential.

Now that I am a mother and not teaching in a classroom, I’m finding myself trying to navigate how to incorporate the Montessori method in our daily life. I believe in this method and have refined the practice in a classroom setting, but transferring these skills home can be hard! I accepted the challenge and am learning so much about how I want to parent, as well as how much i want to be involved in my child’s education.


That’s where Making Montessori was born. I wanted to create a place where families who, like me, were interested in choosing the Montessori method as a lifestyle for their family, could come and learn, while also feeling validated for what they already practice in their home. We have the choice to be active participants in our children’s development and education, but it is no easy task. Making Montessori is a community where we can collaborate and learn from each other.

I have a BS of Psychology from Brigham Young University, where I emphasized my learning in Child Development. I also have a BS of Communications Disorders from Utah State University. My husband, Daniel, 3 year old daughter, E, and I reside in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah.


Hi I’m Leticia and I’m one half of Making Montessori. Not only am I a child advocate and educator I have a darling family that I owe my whole life to. My husband, James, and I have 2 adorable boys EJ and M. We have been married 10 years and right before we got married I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Life isn’t a bed of roses and I’m not a fan of roller coasters but on this rollercoaster of life I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else than my boys. I love always being surrounded by handsome men.

I have a background in teaching and received my license from Westminster College in 2012. I keep a current license for the state of Utah. I also have my endorsement for teaching English as a second language. I’ve taught 1st grade, 5th grade, Kindergarten and Preschool. I find great value in the traditional method of educating children but like everything there are pros and cons.


My search for more didn’t come until my oldest son was ready to start preschool. He already knew so much and I wanted someone to value him and his opinions like I did. They matter to me because he matters to me. I wanted him to feel like he was part of his own learning and take ownership of it, not just receive information from a teacher and recite it back through tests. This is when I found the Montessori Method of teaching. I instantly fell in love! I remember feeling like this was home. It was the way I had raised my son and they way I wanted him to feel in a learning environment. I knew that I needed to learn more so I applied at the school where my son attended.

Katie actually had a part in me getting the job and our friendship instantly blossomed. I was instantly immersed in the Montessori Method and devouring all information I could. I soaked up all the Montessori Training I could, and still am. The time came for my son to enter 1st grade and my thoughts of keeping him in Montessori or transferring to a traditional school was a real struggle for me. I wrestled with WHY. Why can’t these two both great ways of teaching, in their own elements, join forces to truly reach a child’s needs and potential? Why does it have to be one or the other?

This is where I realized that I can’t be the only one feeling this way. I longed for a way to help others and Making Montessori is a place for just that. To unite the traditional with Maria Montessori’s philosophy. To enlighten parents, families, and educators. To make Montessori known and to let others know that there is more out there for your child and it is attainable.

We are thrilled to help you on your journey to Making Montessori a lifestyle.

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