Teenagers Are A Lot Like Toddlers

Teenagers are a lot like toddlers.

Yes, you read that right... hear me out, ok?

Teens want control, freedom, choice and they want to do things themselves. Sounds like your toddler right?

Our brains also go through cycles of growth, refinement and reflection/application. When children reach teenage years, the brain returns to an early childhood setting where they are reflecting on everything they have learned and ready to apply it. This is why the bulk of our academic learning should be done before this period. And now we, as the adults, return to a focus on whole child.

Teens move towards their interests (much like a toddler) and you, the adult, have the opportunity to follow your child, by putting yourself aside and allowing your teenager to do what they are interested in. Then through observation, look at what they are lacking for that particular interest and help them build and refine it.

For example, if your child has a strong interest in the military and armed forces, but they lack in social skills, in order to make sure their interest is well balanced you might encourage them to join a speech and debate team. Speech and debate will help foster the growth they need in social skills and then as they participate in military camps and activities, they will have the social tools needed to check their emotions and choices when using a weapon.

A great way to make sure your relationship remains strong with your teenager is to practice Positivities Affirmations!! Take time each day or week to encourage your teenager to join you in saying positive words to yourselves. Come up with a mantra you say to your teenager and help them come up with their own.

- Katie

Katie Sellers